Hidemasa Morita full length photo
Hidemasa Morita
CD Santa Clara
Akihiro Ienaga full length photo
Akihiro Ienaga
Kawasaki Frontale
Yuta Nakayama full length photo
Yuta Nakayama
PEC Zwolle
Keisuke Honda full length photo
Keisuke Honda
FK Suduva
Hiroki Abe full length photo
Hiroki Abe
FC Barcelona

What we believe in the name of HEROE

In the name «HEROE» the thought to “Continue to strive constantly with athletes» is inside it. «Football» fascinates the world with just one ball. A top athlete who continues to give dreams and emotions to the world by confronting difficultieswith effort and obsession can be called as just the “HEROE =HERO”. As the player can become the «HEROE” together with our support, We make effort to become a partner in all aspects. HEROE. Co., Ltd. was built with such a dream.