What we believe in the name of HEROE

In the name "HEROE" the thought to “Continue to strive constantly with athletes" is inside it. "Football" fascinates the world with just one ball. A top athlete who continues to give dreams and emotions to the world by confronting difficultieswith effort and obsession can be called as just the “HEROE =HERO”. As the player can become the "HEROE” together with our support, We make effort to become a partner in all aspects. HEROE. Co., Ltd. was built with such a dream.


There is a meaning in the name of "HEROE"

Our motivation is to continue real effort in a style that only we (HEROE) can do (fighting through together with the players) and to become to an one and only organization .

Our mission to set up a growth plan with HEROE players and make the players make a big leap by fighting together, strive towards the goal, and walking along to the way to success, We aim to be an indispensable presence for the athletes and also for the society. HEROE aims to change Japan as a leading country in the world of football. To make that happen, we will continue our own style of work with a plan for the future.


Hiroyuki Honda President

FIFA / Japanese Football Association certified agent (Acquired in 2013)

From Osaka Prefecture
Started playing football from fifth grade, and encouraged football in Teikyo High School. At 19 years old, traveled to Argentina to make a challenge in football.

  • 2003 Argentina's prestigious Liberty Plate U20 joined
  • 2004 Argentina Pro contract with CA Temperley.
  • 2006 Retired from football due to an Injury of the cruciate ligament and meniscus.
  • 2008 Joined a major agent company.
  • 2012 Established HEROE Co., Ltd.
  • 2013 Became a FIFA certified agent.
  • Has been handling numerous international transfers such as in Italy, Spain and Asia.
  • 2011 Akihiro Ienaga Majorca transfer (Spain)
  • 2012 Sergio Escudero to FC Seoul transfer (Korea)
  • 2013 Keisuke Honda to AC Milan transferred (Italy)
  • 2016 Suzuki Daisuke to GimnasticTarragona transfer (Spain)

Akira Misu Chief Manager

Japan Football Association Registred Intermediary

From Saitama Prefecture

After playing football in Japan until age 15, went to Brazil for one year to encourage in football. After coming back to Japan, joined to be a member of Aomori Yamada High School.

With the hope to challenge again, travels to Argentina at age 17.

  • 2003 Argentina joined the Utudiantes U20
  • 2005 Professional contract with Estudiantes U20
  • 2008 Retired due to injury, returned to Japan
  • 2009 Entered Tokyo International University (responsible to be the student coach)
  • 2014 Joined an IT company
  • 2015 Joined HEROE

Masaya Ryugo Senior Manager

Senior Manager

From Aichi prefecture.
Spent the childhood in San Diego, USA.

After coming back to Japan, experienced coaching for kids and in TOHO High School.

  • 2013 Joined University of Central Lancashire in the UK.
  • 2015 After coming back to Japan, experienced setting up a Japanese branch for an American company.
  • 2017 Joined HEROE

Kousuke Nojiri Head Scout

Head of Scout

From Kanagawa prefecture.
After graduating from the Wellness Sports College of Japanese, made a challenge to Argentina to become a football player.

  • 2004 Entered River Plate U20
  • 2005 Pro agreement with club- Sportivo Italiano
  • 2007 FC Ganju Iwate
  • 2012 Line Mail Aomori (player and coach)
  • 2014 Work as an assistant president and interpreter at a Japanese company in Mexico
  • 2018 Joined HEROE

Yuta Ichizuka Europe Manager

Europe Manager

Born and grew up in Italy.
From elementary school to junior high school, experiences various kinds of sports such as judo, soccer, swimming and basketball. After graduating from junior high school, start working as a coordinator / interpreter for Italian exhibitions, events and World Expos etc.

  • 2013 NHK work, mainly interviewing Japanese players
  • 2013 Meet with Keisuke Honda belonging to AC Milan and gave support language and private life.
  • 2015 Joined SV Horn in Austria.
  • 2016 Contributing to win the 3rd DIV and promote to the 2nd Division (Marketing department).
  • 2017 Joined HEROE (based in Milano, Italy)



Mita Minato-ku, Tokyo 3-3-8 8F
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Company Information

Company name HEROE CO., LTD.
Establishment March 2012
Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Dojima Branch
Office address 108-0073
Mita Minato-ku, Tokyo 3-3-8 8F
(Tokyo office)
TEL / FAX:03-6712-1513
CEO Hiroyuki Honda
  • Career planning for top athletes (career planning fromstart to retirement/contract/transfer negotiation)
  • Top athlete's portrait right management (Advertisement · Media appearance management · Brand contract management etc.)
  • Contract of foreign top athletes and director · coach · negotiation business etc. Advertising agency / consulting business etc.
  • Interpretation & coordination work for football trips, studying abroad etc.